Working from home is still work; how to make time for your pet?

Working from home is still work; how to make time for your pet?

by Dr. Debra F. Horwitz | Behavior Bits

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Perhaps you were unable to find time to walk you dog before, but now you can walk your dog daily. With future changes in mind, try to find a walking time that would also work with your schedule when you return to work or school.  Walks do not need to be long but try to vary the time the dog is out so that when necessity makes long walks impossible, the dog has learned that as a matter of course, the length of the walk varies. This is exactly what you would do with a newly adopted dog as well.

Cats enjoy playtime with toys so set aside a time that will ultimately work with a return to working away from home. Try to use a key phrase to initiate interactive time, such as “let’s play”, to signal that fun time is coming.  It can be anything you want: walk-time or playtime.  Don’t forget to also set aside a special time to cuddle, brush or pet your dog or cat. And when your work calendar requires you to do actual work, in the next release we will talk about some recommended approaches for creating a relaxing environment so you can get your work done.

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About the Author

Dr. Debra Horwitz is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists as well as an author, editor and co-editor of several books; including Decoding Your Dog and Decoding Your Cat.


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