When used in conjunction with the BOND training program, Reconcile® (fluoxetine hydrchloride) has been shown to accelerate your dog's response to behavior training.

The BOND behavior modification plan consists of four steps that can help your dog build confidence and gain a sense of security when alone:

Be Positive: Focus on positive behaviors that are critical to the success of behavior modification training. Focus on positive reinforcement; encourage and don’t reprimand undesired behaviors. Remember that your dog is not a bad dog!

Only reward calm behavior: Ignore attention-seeking behavior such as when your dog is overly excited. And remember that if you get excited, your dog may also! Look for opportunities to spend positive, relaxed time with your dog.

No more drama: When you come and go by ignoring your dog until he is calm. To begin training to achieve this, grab your keys or coat, signaling to your dog that you are about to leave. But rather than leaving, return to your previous activity. Another recommendation is giving your dog a toy or treat 20 – 30 minutes prior to leaving.

Develop your dog’s independence: Provide a safe place for your dog to be calm when you are gone; and teach him/her to stay there for increased periods of time in order to increase his distance from you.

To print these tips and more as a reminder for behavior training modification, please click here. And consider keeping a journal of activities and any progress made with behavior training during this process to help your veterinarian measure improvement. To download a journal template, click here.

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: The most common adverse events reported in decreasing order of reported frequency are: decreased appetite, depression/lethargy, shaking/shivering/tremor, vomiting, restlessness and anxiety, seizures, aggression, diarrhea, dilated pupils, vocalization, weight loss, panting, confusion, incoordination, and excessive salivation. Reconcile chewable tablets are contraindicated for dogs with a history of seizures or when used with drugs that may cause seizures. Consult your veterinarian for complete safety information or click here to read the package insert.

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